Coms new site in Kraaifontein

Hey Guys

@Coms ask me to post photos of his new site and the mast that was erected today

On Monday the foundation was layed, the hole is 1m deep.

By Friday morning the foundation has settled and ready to install mast, it seems Coms has many friend and organised a fork lift in a residential area to lift the mast into place:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Proud owner of Kraaifontein “newest” mast

Mast specifications
Height - 9m single 3m pole could be added soon
Round tubing - 48mm x?
Pieces - One piece mast
Staywires - yes 3mm one more will be added
Welding - will be treated with gold galvanize

Planned links
Tubby-acidice link will be splitted (MiMo)
Non ospf bb link to Mossel


There is already a omni and coms plans to put up a MiMo sector aswell

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Well done for the guys involved and planning for that great setup!!! :slight_smile: :clap::ok_hand:


Well done @Coms. Ek likes.


That looks cool. What are the local bylaws if i wanted to do this ? And higher?

@Ogon het vanoggend vroeg die toring geklim en die ding het nie eers beweeg nie…
Dankie Ogon nou weet ek hy is veilig lol…


wat probeer jy sê :sweat_smile:



The Mossel link and Mossel sector is up and running an already has one client


Awesome stuff COMMS well done :smiley:

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Just one big shout out for @Ogon and @Acidice for all the help in setting up and configuring all the links


Hey Coms

Looking so so good :slight_smile: … Well done to hard work :slight_smile:

Why does that look like 802.11g 40Mhz turbo? hehe

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Ogon can you have a look at some settings on the mossel2 sector…seems I can’t ping or tracert beyond the sector…shows connected…everything seems fine from my side…ccq @95% and tx and rx rate at 98%…


It should be working now?

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Thanks Ogon…

Only got to look at these properly now, are those dishes now semi-Slant due to the angle of the pole? :joy::joy:


Hi ogon. I have connected to mossel2 sector, ccq is 96% signal is -40 I have created a user account for ogon. Pls could you help with the config to get connected to the wug. Thanks.

@WizardBoy Kyk na jou private message :slight_smile:

Welcome @WizardBoy

This is the link for connecting to Mossel