Connecting a new link in maitland

Hi…steamblazer here…i added a new node(steamblazer2)and are looking to connect from maitland…If the admin in kensington can maybe assist me with a testkit,i can try a scan and take it from there…thx


Kensington does not have a HS no more.

Trying point to Rondebosch, turdminator. I have a spare lhg which i could put up… if u can get to the sector, i can replace with the lhg.

If there is no sector to connect to on this side im gonna hv to do a 360 scan i guess,and see .But will try the terminator idea and see if i can pick it up…then take it from there…thx

I do have a spare sector…maybe i will get a rb and once i hv a link i will put it up for other wuggers that want to connect to me…God willing

I have a sector up, in your direction… nobody on the sector… i can swop out for a lhg for a pp link

Scan an check if you see any of my rb,s

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Ok…i will do a scan asap…then we can see

Hi Turdminator. Is that perhaps the Lhg5 Ike left there?


I own all the equipment on the pole and the spare lhg5 which i purchased
for kenwyn.

The sxt to mde , ike collected, and i replaced with a lgh5.


Hi there

OK thanks a lot.

Regards Ashraf

Hi, so sorry sir. My Lhg5 is with turkman not Turdminator. Apologies for
Trying to get it back to sort out my link that has been down for a year

Regards Ashraf

No problem, see if you can see my sector,

Hi guyz,im currently connected to atlas as a test run,but download is not so good,and the sector im on dont seem to give me a good signal…so i will be scanning tomorrow again and see what i get.

Could you post your signal and ccq levels so I can see.

Do you mean my current signal…

Yip…just want to see if we can fine tune.

mn.pdf (932.5 KB)

f.pdf (346.7 KB)

Those show you connected to a BB link? Were you ever connected to a sector?