CTWUG Chairman nominations AGM 2019

Here you can nominate wuggers for CTWUG Chairman

The nominee must be a natural person
You’ll need a nomination and two seconds to be able to stand as a candidate in the election
You can nominate or second as much persons as you like
You can nominate yourself
If you have a nomination and two seconds you will have until nominations closing date to accept your nomination. Please accept or decline ASAP if possible.
Nominations will close on the 3rd August 2019 23h59

Election Process

Duties of the CHAIRMAN:

  • Interface between committee members and members for the purpose of orchestrating votes, events, projects, etc.
  • Initiate votes between committee for issues and/or discussions - effectively you’re deciding what gets put to vote and what doesn’t.
  • Chair meetings - group quarterly, committee meetings, first contact meetings, game admin meetings, etc.
  • “Run” the committee - ensure all roles are being fulfilled and delegate ad-hoc jobs and/or projects.
  • Run high level projects of the group and approve all large expenses.
  • Maintain relationships with key industry contacts and vendors (WAPA, Scoop, etc)
  • Make sure CTWUG is held in a positive light publically and in the industry.
  • Chair/Arbitrate and initiate all disciplinary hearings and member disagreements or elect a representative.
  • Communicate officially to the members and/or PR opportunities and needs.
  • Run and maintain CTWUG competitions.
  • Present a general report to the group at the quarterly meetings.
  • Make EFT payments from CTWUG account. He should be the only person able to do this.
  • Maintain the Committee WiKI page (http://wiki.ctwug.za.net/Committee)
  • Effectively, you are ‘in charge’ of CTWUG - its VERY important to remember it is not a position of power - it is a position of service and responsibility.


I nominate @Ogon, @razor1 and @JellyBean.

I will second @Ogon & i will nominate @Diabolix

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@reus11, thank you for the nomination, I will not be running for comms this year, I unfortunately do not have the time to dedicate that the role and CTWUG deserves.


Nominate @Ogon and @Diabolix

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Thanks for the nominations but I decline.

Nominees	Seconds		Status
Ogon		2		    Declined
Razor1		0	     	Need two more seconds 
Diabolix	1		    Need one more second
Jellybean	0	    	Declined

2nd second for Diabolix…

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3rd second for @Diabolix

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I second for @razor1

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i nominate @Diabolix

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i 3d second @razor1 .

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I nominate @Ogon and @Stiaanm

I nominate @Dizzle for chair and second @Diabolix

i have to decline sorry all this is like fighting a loosing battle from what i have seen previously en heard

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Nominees	Second		Status
Ogon		3	    	Declined
Razor1		2	    	Declined
Diabolix	5		    Pending
Jellybean	0	    	Declined
Stiaanm 	0		    Needs two more seconds
Dizzle		0	    	Needs two more seconds

Second @Diabolix for this position…

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Less than a week left for nominations

i Second @Dizzle for Chairman