CTWUG Elections and Future

I’m really disappointed at the lack of people stepping up for CTWUG elections. I think this does not bode well for the future of CTWUG. We need people to step up and do the work. Especially at this critical time.

We need to think about the future of the CTWUG and how it will stay relevant in the future. I do think we need people to step up to this role!


What a understatement this would be for me, we are 27 days into a 28 day nominations process and sofar only one nominee has accepted his nomination.


I highly doubt that people will respond to this post, its a sad state of affairs too be honest.

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This is no surprise we all know the 2 main reasons why people join ctwug its not to improve network or learn anything these days

Gaming is also dead because of bad links and users not maintaining links and most just getting away with everything and it and the examples clearly shows rules does not apply anymore so most of us feel we are fighting a loosing battle so why even bother anymore

Also fibre is rapidly taking over and prices is good so some will just go that route instead of struggling with a broken wug seems like on the end of the day that each area will be on their own and doing their own thing


The way the interest in the community is going, it does not seem that CTWUG will survive at the rate it is moving in the wrong direction now. We still have a load of guys (apart from those that joined for the “right” reasons) that depend on CTWUG via proxy, and those would naturally lose their connectivity completely unless everybody starts pulling finger…


So true, I was one of them[quote=“razor1, post:4, topic:13682”]
Also fibre is rapidly taking over

If only this can become the new backbone links for CTWUG


This reminds me of what JP said about the future of the WUG in his original post and further on down the thread 4 days later: https://forum.ctwug.za.net/t/ctwug-is-not-what-it-used-to-be-the-cold-hard-truth/8519
This was over 2 years ago.

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Also 100% what I said here:

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Unfortunately that isn’t in the interest of the greater community, in the spirit and interest of the greater community all that matters is being able to connect to another site to reach the wug, and that can be seen by the amount of complaints from people who are new to the network complaining that their link has been down for more than xx hours. Instead of working as a community most users want SLA agreements from the wug and want others to do all the work so they can do what ever they do (we all know why users join but I’m not going to go into detail in a very public post like this).


This is very sad, is there any hope to continue CTWUG or expand it?

I cannot find this post? It’s deleted?