CTWUG Secretary nominations AGM 2019

Here you can nominate wuggers for CTWUG Secretary
The nominee must be a natural person
You’ll need a nomination and two seconds to be able to stand as a candidate in the election
You can nominate or second as much persons as you like
You can nominate or second yourself
If you have a nomination and two seconds you will have until nominations closing date to accept your nomination. Please accept or decline ASAP if possible.
Nominations will close on the 3rd August 2019 23h59

Election Process


  • Update and maintain social media presence (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Manage and create newsletters where required (MailChimp)
  • Manage and maintain document filing system/repository (currently copy.com)
  • All newsletters must then be archived in the wiki once sent. (monthly)
  • Create and Post agenda’s on forum 2 weeks before all GM’s/AGM.
  • Create and post minutes to forum after GMs/AGM
  • Create and post audio recording to the forum after GMs/AGM.
  • Print raffle sheets for meetings (you can sell tickets before meeting if you wish but not necessary)
  • Print attendance sheets for meetings
  • Organize keys and payment for meeting venue, also required to be the last to leave and ensure that the venue is clean (This will most likely end up with you picking up stompies).
  • File attendance registers and raffle sheets.
  • November GM, organize food for boerie rolls.
  • Document all voting on the committee wiki.
  • Take minutes at the CTWUG GMs/AGMs.


I nominate @Spaffy for Secretary


I seconded @Spaffy for secretary.


I nominate @angryplum

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i will second @angryplum, 3rd @Spaffy & will nominate @TheClown , @reus11


Thank you for the nomination, but due to work Commitments i respectfully
decline the nomination.

Thank you for the nominations but I have to decline.

My nominations go to @Tubby and @Weankey

Thanks for the consideration @Gekido, but I currently have too much on my plate so I will have to regretfully decline the nomination.

I would also like to second @Tubby for the post.

Nominees	Seconds	Status
Spaffy		2		Declined
Angryplum	1		Need one more second
TheClown	0		Declined
Reus11  	0		Declined
Tubby		0		Need two more seconds 
Weankey 	0		Need two more seconds

2nd for Angryplum and 1st for Tubby

I second for @Tubby for Secretary

i nominate @anglosaxon

Thanks for nominating me but I have to decline.
I nominate @Spaffy, he’s been doing great this far

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@spaffy for Secretary

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If he changes his mind…:wink:

I will second @angryplum and @Tubby

Nominees	Seconds	Status
Spaffy		3		Declined
Angryplum	3		Pending
TheClown	0		Declined
Reus11  	0		Declined
Tubby		3		Pending
Weankey 	0		Declined
Anglosaxon  0       Need two more seconds

I second @angryplum

I have to decline I nominate for tubby