CTWUG WSUS service

Hi Guys. Are the CTWUG WSUS service still running? I see links to the files needed are basically dead, only one downloadable file worked namely Check_WSUS_eng.zip

Still running for me.

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Im using windows 10. Got some files on DC but doesn’t seem to be working

@Cyborg, just for clarification: The way I understand it is that you want to add this PC to WSUS?

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Correct @Stiaanm. Its a fresh windows installation coming from win 7 to win 10 and now would like to add it to the WSUS service

There’s no file to be downloaded, but rather one to be created: https://wiki.ctwug.za.net/wiki/CTWUG_WSUS

I understood the instructions completely wrong. Thanks @Stiaanm. Its working now

Glad to see you came right @Cyborg

Just ping me if the WSUS server is actually not working. It used to be hosted by @Stolla but he had to shut his down for some reason I can’t remember, and I started hosting it at my site. Had to learn quite a bit to get it up and running 100%, but mostly I don’t even know its there.

Actually have to check quick if I need to approve new services on it.

100% Working for me! :D:D:D

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I think he left the country :slight_smile:

Server running on


hi @anglosaxon . is the port still 8530?

That would be correct I did notice the node failed did restart should be up again

Cool thanks alot for the service :slight_smile: