Decommissioning of Node Trojan and Marco

Due to unforeseen and unavoidable problems at node Trojan and Node Marco, I will be shutting down both sites permanently, apologies to clients connected to these Access Points. This will however free up a link to Atlas which I believe can be used to get these guys back online, I will donate my Omni, and 2 dynas and a hap to anyone in the area that can get them back online.


I can image this might take a while to sort out.
Is it possible for someone to assist me to connect to the WUG via my fibre 20/20 please?

Sad to see you go John…

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Indeed John has been great.
All of the best John.

Thanks John for all your help over the years.

Time for me to look for a new connection to WUG

Let me know if you have any luck.
My connection to Atlas in the past hasn’t been great.
No sure if there is anymore space on Atlas.