Fibre Backbone Tunnels

I’ve linked various nodes together via tunnels over fibre internet. These tunnels carry wug traffic and provide a shortcut for traffic between various nodes.

Nodes linked via Fibre Bacbkone

I’ve indicated these as a link on WiND of type other.

This effectively becomes a bit of everything:

  • A backup link system
  • Or shortcut for long links


You can see them in action here:

Technical details

This works very similar to our service tunnels and tunnels to other wugs but is like a tunnel back to CTWUG. Service tunnels run on area which means the don’t carry backbone traffic. These run in area (backbone) so carry backbone traffic.

The internet links are all 100Mbit or more. We set OSPF cost to 10 for these links but may increase them to reduce traffic a bit.

These nodes are linked via a Tinc tunnel operating as a switch. Thus it is as if routers at puck, bath, skouperd and others are plugged into the same virtual switch and traffic (and OSPF routing) is freely flowing over this switch. So it’s not really ptp but “broadcast”.

Routing is done with quagga and this is all run on ubuntu machines or VMs.

Wired or wireless

This is something we can consider more (or less). One of the issues in my head is that we are Cape Town Wireless User Group, so not sure how much of this we want or not. It definitely has positive role to play. Just putting that out there for discussion.



Loving the idea . . . Thanks for all the time and effort that u . . . and the rest of your collaboration are putting into this Project . . . Really appreciate it . . .

On the topic of wired or wireless . . .
I am of the opinion that . . . Dinosaurs died long time ago - Due to not being able to keep up with evolution . . .

Technology constantly moves forward . . .
And CTWUG, being a developmental platform . . . should seize opportunities which prove beneficial to the WUG Community as a Whole and not shy away from Technological Advancements . . .

We trust that our Network Team will to determine the most beneficial means to improve our Network . . .
and Hopefully improve the Overall Experience for everyone on the Network . . . Especially on the Gaming Scene :wink: :wink:

Nice One Guys . . . Cant wait to see this “New Toy” in Action . . .
Put me down for a Test Drive Please @spin . . .



We are wired as well

This is really exciting times we moving into thanks to faster internet.

Areas where it wasn’t previous possible or feasible we can now have wug. Example Perth has a wireless group, Cuba, New york and even places like Worcester, Paarl and Saldanha can link up one day in the future.

Thanks for the hard work you guys put into this.


While I disagree with you on the fact that wireless is a dinosaur, wireless is ever evolving with new technology, protocols, and many new things.

Although, I love the fact that you have enthusiasm to help and test, specifically gaming to make us aware of things more than just speed and reliability, but latency as well!

@spin Thank you for the first “public” explanation and “announcement” about our peering. I believe many PTAWUG users will be enjoying the CTWUG services (ps. please fix the wiki for your servers to include PTAWUG addresses also!), and that CTWUG will be enjoying the PTAWUG services.

While only a few of us have fibre and are willing to contribute such amounts of bandwidth and data usage, we hope this will slowly expand (well, maybe not slowly) to the point where the wireless users are able to really feel the speed difference and latency decreasing!

  • shock

Btw, Germany also has one - Freifunk! They are MASSIVE, I have tested out their network with a wrt54 (yes, I have one - actually I have 6), and it is amazing the steps they have taken to let you fill in a few things and suddenly you download a package to upgrade that device with that is already set up!


There is a massive one in Spain as well.

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Plenty of those around, even these two:

Found this on Wikipedia:

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Not only did dinosaurs not become extinct becaause of an inability to keep up with evolution, wireless is FAR from dead.

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Yes, Wireless isn’t dead, but eventually people will start to move more and more towards alternatives such as fibre, high sites will start to fade, users who was once connected will never have LOS to high sites again. I mean, if lightning hits a High site, the question becomes, replace expensive equipment or rather just rely on an Internet connection. Honestly, I know which I’d prefer…

This is nothing to do with keeping up, it has a whole lot to do with people not being interested anymore, it will happen, people loose interest in things.

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Yes, I agree, but wireless is not only used for Internet. With the growth of FTTH, sure, WISPS may eventually feel the shift to fixed lines, but other applications for radio (corporate connectivity, etc) is far from being ‘extinct’

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WUG started out being about the wireless technology and building an autonomous wireless network, more importantly about the like-minded people came together to form a community with a willingness to learn new technologies related to inter-connected networks (like the internet) - but on our own network(s) with our own rule(s).

I think the advent of new technologies unrelated to wireless networking, should not kill the community, just add more toys to the mix. We should use all the resources we have available to us, but never forget what we started in the first place!

Sad that people leave the WUG community, but it could be understood they were probably only connected for a certain reason…


I think I know what you mean by ‘certain reason’, but seriously, that’s why most of us are on the WUG. There is not enough things to test and play with and experiment on the WUG. Not enough money either. And you can only experiment for so long before it becomes pointless.

So that certain reason is what attracts most people, and those people should not be judged for joining the WUG for that.

“There is not enough things to test and play with and experiment on the WUG” - That’s like saying you are bored, due to a lack of imagination. Sites and services exist on the internet because someone build them and put them there.

Some of the things that have beneficial knowledge gain, that anyone can be setup on the WUG - setting up you own web server, mail server, domain name server, voip server (I avoided file server - hehe) - these can be done on an old desktop machine or raspberry pi - both relatively inexpensive.

Facebook, as we all know, was built on a university network #JustSayin

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Setting up a TINC node :slight_smile:

Since this is more for none-physical stuff (you mentioned money…), you must have a look at the unlimited source of awesome things to set up. IRC node, NTP server, Caching server for a highsite you have access to - allowing the wikis and http to load faster, having a look through the whole of ptawug’s setup (message me and I’ll give you the username and password for ptawug ptawug :wink: read-only account on all highsites. You can’t do any damage with this account so you don’t need to worry - you get to see how unique (not always a good thing) the sites are and the designs of each. We use BGP for our network and OSPF for internal highsite routing, which is quite different to CTWUG - having some knowledge over BGP is quite essential.

Then there comes the most fun: IPv6 - set it up across your house, across wug sites (through 6to4 tunnels. Don’t change the wug without permission, use what you have access to and may use!). Have a look at for some info and start doing those certifications. It will probably take under 30 minutes but you’ll start realizing how important IPv6 is to the future of the internet.

Then go to every single forum post that has recommendations or requests, and do that - if somebody wanted a better link between X and Y, see if you can help on a software side by asking for details (after you have proven to staff you know what you are doing ofc… and up to them) and fixing it. You can also virtualize a mikrotik router on a virtual machine (free l6 license for 24 hours), and finally - if your router supports it, have a look at metarouters and have some fun.

I can think of a LOT more things, but this is just the 4 minutes I spent typing.

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DNS server, VOIP server, WEB server, mail server.

All services which either exist or still exist on the WUG,. How many more would you like to set up? With regards to equipment, what more do we need to test and what more can we afford to test? The WUG will pretty much be a very inactive network if it were not for the few services that lure users to connect. I for one will not be using the WUG if it weren’t for those services, and as such, I will be labeled as one who joined for ‘the wrong reasons’ LOL

Also, not everyone is tech savvy, or has an interested in testing technology.

interesting comment above. I know alot of people myside that play alot during gaming time and/or even arrange Lan by there house for wuggers.

@spin i like the idea behind this as i am interested. How can i help ?


Updated the first post. Renamed the tunnels to fibre_backbone.

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Updated the first post with more info. This network is now actually working properly for the first time. Thanks to all offering their spare capacity.


thank you very much ,greatly appreciated …FORZA WUG :heart_eyes:

Hi Spin,

my vm is up, but very little traffic seems to be routed through the tunnel, has the cost been increased on the link?