Gekido Site takedown

Hi Everyone

My time has finally come to take down my site. I have really enjoyed my time on CTWUG when most of us was all working together and doing great things. Unfortunately i have not done much on the wug for the past year +. I will be taking my site down at the end of November thus giving everyone enough time that is connected to me to arrange new links.

Everything on my site is owned by me except for the kit pointing to fusion which the Belhar community gave a small portion to get a link up so that kit i will return to ctwug admin in belhar Stalker to repurpose. Everything will go on sale except the dish pointing to Yogi. This will go to Ironman. Whoever is on the current links can buy the kit from me as well if they find another location however i would like to take everything down at the end of November but im open to make arrangements if they kit is bought before hand.

Below is currently the links and the kits.

30dbi Dish + netbox 5

30dbi Dish + netbox 5

Powerbeam 5AC Gen2

Litebeam 5AC

Litebeam 5AC Gen2

30dbi Dish+ Rocket 5AC Lite

Mikrotik mANTBox 5.8GHz 15dbi 120’ Integrated Sector

I will post pics of the kit if any is still available come November in a sale thread.

@fusionTRD, @German, @rmx, @TheStalker & @Ironman

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Thanks for all your efforts on the WUG it was appreciated


BIG loss for the community , thanks GeKido for invaluable help across the WUGLife, always going the distance as a friend or for the community .LHR (ons sal eits moet reel :crazy_face:)