Getting Back Onto CTWUG Network

Hi all I trust you are well and blessed. I would like to request a link back onto the CTWUG Network as our area(Eastridge Mitchells Plain) has been dead for a while and there is no current link to the CTWUG Network. Some guys have left the and some are just not making any effort to improve or maintain the network. I myself have not had much time for doing Wugging in a while but had some time to assist Halo and his guys to do a scan. There is a 30dbi Rocket Dish and a Mikrotik Netmetal radio setup on Halo’s site, we have done a few scans Saturday and got a few good results. I will post the screenshots here and if any of you have a kit set up already or a spare kit lying around to do a link with us let me know. We are not much although we are connected to a greater network in Mitchell’s Plain the links are simply just off or not maintained at all and we are cut off from areas in Mplain who are still connected to CTWUG. I decided to just ask the community as I don’t have the time and patience to negotiate and have long conversations which most of the time does not even happen or materialize. So if anyone is interested in doing a link drop me a PM. I have attached the screenshots below.



@organAKAdonor, pm me your cell number, we can arrange a scan by Supa, he’s quite high and then request again.

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@arizona pm has been sent. Thanks

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Cool. Will speak to Supa tomorrow and then we can arrange to do a scan by him. He’s really quite high and I think we’ll get some rally good results.