Graphics Card Upgrade

Hi everyone

I would like to upgrade my PC and have the following GPUs in mind:
RX 480
Firstly, I would appreciate people owning these cards to post their impressions.

This is my current setup:
CPU: I3-2100 @ 3.1GHz
GPU: 660
Monitor: 1080p with 60GHz refresh rate (no intention of upgrading)

If I get a 1070 how much will the dated CPU hold it back until I finally upgrade it too?
Or is the 1060 or RX 480 future proof enough for 1080p 60FPS gaming?
Any ideas on motherboard and CPU upgrades for the graphics cards mentioned?

Please share your thoughts.


Hey @Giskard

Take a look here:

This actually has my benchmarks when i had my own 660 as well as the difference once i got a 1070 :smiley:

So might actually be perfect for you to have a look.

Hi Giskard,

If you are planning to stay on 1080p I would recommend the RX480. It will basically play everything on max settings at that Res over 60fps.

No need for 1070 as it will be a waste at that resolution and refresh rate. Its always easy for someone to say just get the 1070…

I will defnitley upgrade the Cpu though. You dont have to get a new one. Look for a 2nd hand i7 3770k as its still a good performer that can be had for cheap and will fit on your current board

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RX480 can’t go wrong there will upgrade to that one in the next 3 months if everything goes to plan lol

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Thank-you for the advice guys.
CPUs that fit 1155 sockets are hard to find on Gumtree and Carbonite but I will keep looking there. Also, I made a post under the Classifieds.

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Other option is to find a 2600k and overclock it to 4.8Ghz / 5ghz if you have a decent cooler

That 2100 is a bit of a disappointment, I’d spend a few hundred to upgrade that. There are i5 3570s on carbonite for as low as R1000-1200. And a RX480 is currently the best bang for buck out there


I can’t find any 3570’s for sale in Cape Town on Carbonite, at least not recently. There is one for sale on Gumtree for R1500-00.

I have a 1070 and I can definitely vouch for that. Get that if you have the money.

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Will be a waste of money… He said he is on 1080 60hz and not planning on upgrading his monitor. Its always easy to recommend the high end cards, but its better to understand what the user actually needs as it can save him a ton of money which he can use towards other upgrades on his pc giving him a better all round experience.


He said he wants to play games on 1080p (ultra settings) then the RX480 is more the good enough for that but he is thinking of 1440p or 4K then the 1070 is the way to go although you have to remember you will be able to play games at those resolutions but it does not mean you will be getting 60fps on all those games as game optimization also comes into play but anyway for his needs RX480 is the way to go :smiley:

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@Giskard, honestly i think you need to think very clearly about everything.

Not 1 piece of hardware is future proof. You want to buy a 3rd gen R1500 i5 cpu but yet you want to buy latest gen GTX 1070? Way to much money for the low budget cpu you have now.

Personally i would suggest if you had to choose between the RX 480, GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 then rather go for the GTX 1060. On some factors the RX 480 is beter and on others the 1060 is beter so its all up to you.

If you buy a AMD card then buy a AMD cpu.
If you buy a Nvidea card then buy a intel cpu.

Just some idea’s for you to think about.

Why can’t you have a AMD Gpu and intel Cpu?

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That statement doesnt make sense? What does intel vs amd cpu have to do with the gpu? I have played with all of them and have hands on experience with the entire 1000 series and latest AMD cards. CPU wise intel is a much beter choice irrelvant of the gpu being used. The RX480 is more compelling option based on the fact that it has 8gb of onboard vram, with alot of new games using 4gb or more easily


Also having a 3770k vs 6700k for gaming will yield no difference. If you have a decent overclock on the 3770k. Its still a great cpu

@parowdude I never said you cant have a AMD gpu and a intel cpu, i said it will be beter to run the stuff together and OBVIOUSLY everyone will have their own opinion about it.

@Jypels, what don’t you understand. I said why the hell does he want to spend R7000+ on a gpu (GTX 1070) but he still running a very entry level cpu?

Everyone has there thoughts and advise, i just gave mine.

And with your 3770K vs 6700K statement is exactly why i said he should rather go for the cheaper card (GTX 1060 6gb or RX 480 8gb :slight_smile: )and get a much beter cpu.

If you have the money then do what ever the hell you want.

Takealot has a 980 for R4499 today only :grinning:

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@KGB is selling a 3570k

Thank-you @Spaffy. I have messaged him.

I bought a second-hand 3570k. It’s installed and works fine.
I wanted to follow @Jypels advice to get a 3770k but it was hard finding a seller.
I decided to get a RX480 8GB. At the moment I am looking at the prices of Landmark PC, which I’ve used before:
Does anyone know a place in Cape Town where its cheaper? My preferred payment method is cash, but I’m willing to do an EFT.
Also, I prefer picking it up instead of having it shipped. Please post here if anyone knows of better deals.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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