Heavy Lagging During Gaming

Can @NetworkAdmins please assist with the below.

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Thank you for the assistance. Much appreciated

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Back again

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Just for my own education, can someone tell me if i am reading this right?

The sudden ping spike on the 4th line would indicate that there is a problem with the link between razor and acidice?

Or is it just the OSPF route the traffic is taking now because some other link is down or misbehaving?

The rest of the high pings are just knockon effects of the 1st slow link?


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That’s a LOT of hops, especially for gaming. If you had less hops in the past, then your suspicions are probably right - however I’m not an admin and can’t do much for you except bump this thread.

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I see when Romaan indicated that it was working that it was also 20 hops and pretty much the same route.

So im guessing that the razor-acidice link may be the problem. The wind is up today, so possibly dish shifted?

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It used to be about 16 hops to route destination. I am not sure if im reading it correct. The link to @Skouperd should not come back to razor as this is an existing link. Razor’s traffic should come through @Donny to @Skouperd.
Below is an updated pic

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you can be lucky to even game. The links is fooked all over the sandman-razor link was down for a while since he moved. so the acidice-razor link is a emergency link aka WIP. This was made to keep us going since the skouperd links is pretty much useless that is why i say you are lucky to even game. We switched off the acidice-razor link last night to test and geuss what everything went down no access to anything.

The gamers complained every night about sandman also so we had to make a link to be able to do anything Acidice is still busy with work at his house he will come back when he is ready to see what we going to do with the link. I have asked for a very long time for anyone to see if they can get more links but hey guess what nobody wants to do anything so get used the lagg and bad experience.

So i host my ts and games offline and online so users can join via the internet if the links is bad


you mean the 5th line :slight_smile: there it starts you can see the bars on the right and the avg is good from 1-4


So that link was never sorted?
Did anyone even volunteer 21 days ago when @Donny asked for assistance?

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lol never sorted till today almost 1 year later still nothing the problem is not by donny since he had on numerous occasions tried to get it sorted from his side but from what i hear skouperd is the issue. Committee will be best to ask whats up


Here this is what the skouperd link is like its not doing anything and it is normal time and not game time

razor-acidice link running okish for now at least we made a plan unlike the rest that does not want to do anything and just complain about lagg and some do not even now how to do a traceroute or how the links connect and status of the links :see_no_evil:


At the risk of hijacking the thread, i beleive what the wug needs is to return to its roots. I. O. W we should teach each other how to check, what to check for, etc. All the time.

A person should not be able to complain about lag etc until they have done at least basic checks and have potentially identfied exactly where the problem lies.

“can SOMEONE please check” is a no no in my book. We are all SOMEONE.

"I have checked, and the problem lies by XYZ’s link because his ABC is wrong. Much much better.

Or am i living in a pipedream? Feel free to split this topic if you would like to discuss this more.

But for now, exactly what needs to happen at Skouperd to fix this seemingly recurring problem?
What is preventing it from being fixed?


agree we do help the guys on teamspeak @nissan is always there telling them to listen and learn what is happening and how to do tests and so on.

I have tried getting out but my position is not good lying in a ditch here i have asked loads of times for users this side to try to get them to scan and try getting a link going and i even said i will provide the equipment for our side to this day nothing happened since most is here just for one thing to ride the audi lol

The committee will be able to tell you more i do not have all the info but i do know that they need to replace the old kit and install the kits they got from they wug that jypels donated but that has been a couple of months now @Donny showed me that messages he sent but no reply or any action yet


The last time I heard, only one person is allowed to go to @Skouperd thats @Diabolix. We don’t have a problem assisting them with aligning on that side. I offered to help there and was told this. They will probably assist only if they need to do some alignment for themselves. Us on this side must just wait for their Sunshine to fall upon us. When days are dark…


The last 2 (deleted by admin) messages are not constructive and has taken this whole discussion back a number of steps.

Attack the problem, not the person. You cannot expect people to help if you cannot be civilised.


@wakkie and @razor1 I have had to delete your post as it is in no way constructive please stay on topic and keep your discussions clean.

In light of the above my personal opinion is that there is people on here that is intentionally trying to cause a rift in the community to try and advance his or her own agenda.

Dear Sir/Madame if you don’t like something because its not your way Sir/Madame tough luck.

We have elections every year where YOU dear Sir/Madame have a chance to stand as a comms member and change things the way you would like it.

Dear Sir/Madame I respectfully request yourself to instead of spreading your propaganda and hiding behind different people, I invite you to stand as a comms member


Dear sir/madam all we asked for is help? dear sir/madame how many screen shots and traces do you need before we can be assisted or be taken seriously we are not robots we do get tired for saying the same thing over and over?lag lag lag lag lag lag? dear sir/madame what other options are there? we would like to improve our link something not many users are interested in?don’t you think a better link would benefit the community? or should we all just have the mentality aahg soe lankit werk is oryt?

Simply not true, I was just the only one maintaining links in the Bellville area, but as you can imagine it’s impossible to get to all of them.

I do see a whatsapp group has been created to speed up link restoration, so hopefully we get some traction in the coming weeks.