Help me repair my electric toothbrush

My toothbrush doesn’t want to charge anymore, and I was wondering if anyone wants to help me take it apart?

I did find a video on how to replace the battery (hopefully that is the only thing that is wrong with it) but I need someone with more skills than me to repair it.

The plan is for me to ship the toothbrush to you, and if you are successful in repairing it, I’ll pay you a fee. If not, we’ll call it lesson learned, (hopefully you learned something new about gadget PC boards) and I’ll have to buy a new one. No hard feelings.

Any takers?


Do you have a replacement NiCD cell? I wouldn’t advise using a NiMH as suggested in the video, because the pcb charger is chemistry specific.

I’ll gladly have a look to see if it is just the battery or something more.

Thanks @angryplum
No I don’t have a replacement battery. Where do you think I can get one?

I’ll get your particulars via dm.


I usually get from mantech but they have relocated to town.

Send me a pic of ur charger, I’m pretty sure I have a similar one, so no need to send it as well

Thanks for the help @angryplum! I got it back today, and it works fine, you are a life saver.

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