Information on logitech bluetooth adapter

Has anyone here used this Logitech Bluetooth adapter and is it worth the price in audio quality?

I am thinking of getting one but the price seems a bit steep if the audio quality is going to be terrible. Also if you guys know where I can find it cheaper than the R500 mark or even a second hand one please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

I bought me that one and it work like a bomb.

Yeah im just weary of the cheaper ones. I bought a Baobab one off for 200 and its sound quality was trash.

Was thinking of getting one of these. I have one of these that I am not using:

And was thinking maybe getting one of those Bluetooth audio converters as use it in the braai area.

Bought the speakers this year and used it for a month. then moved and decided not to unpack them. Might sell them soon if I cannot find a better use for them :frowning: