King02 Decommission

I’m just making this post to get my Wuggers 2020 Badge!!!

Jokes aside, I’m not sure of the current state of the network or if CTWUG even still exists as I haven’t been active for a number of years now. Unsurprisingly I’m considering removing all of the equipment at the King02 node.

This includes some importantish backbone links as the site links Mercury via a few intermediate hops to Eupora. I’ll be happy to keep it going up for a while longer but the @Committee and SouthPen members should plan alternate options.

Once the new nodes/routes are identified and ready we can then schedule the decommissioning.

This is so sad :cry:

Yeah, you’re about 2 years too late.

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I always try to stay optimistic but yeah this is hella sad.

I just assumed things were going well. Damn by midyear next year or even Feb your whole network will cease to exist, damn

Yes it is quite sad.

Unfortunately there is less and less people wanting to help and maintain.

most people are here just for TT.

Fibre has made it so that more and more people can access the internet and hence the decline in WUG.

It has been fun and quite a learning experience.


What does the TT stand for?

I just find it sad that I guess the majority of users just used it either for Internet or because they didn’t have another network available, like I understand, had I been in their position I would do the same. But it seems the core passion of networking for the sake of networking only existed in the hands of a few.

In the good old days there used to be Training and those that really wanted to train and experience in depth networking were free to go. Lots of serious wuggers has spent weekend for no fee training and teaching people new things.

Yes there has been some fights over small and not so small issues but generally WUG was a community of like minded people.

Unfortunately there were those that complained about speeds and latency yet did nothing to help with the infra structure.
then there are those that bought Thousands of rands worth of equipment out of their own pockets to help grow the WUG.

The guys did great and wonderful things on the WUG and i still believe that it is one hell of an advanced network, with OSPF and all the setups running.

TT is T…t tr…r

it will be a very sad day when it is no more

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It’s kind of sad but it’s 99% expected. The many leechers will always drive the few dedicated away eventually. Also, people change their hobbies over time so as new members join you will see older ones fading away.

There are still a few options for other nodes to take over from me so it’s not the end of the world and SouthPen should have no problem remaining connected.

I haven’t heard back from the committee as yet. Does anybody know who’s currently on the committee so that I can chat with them regarding the options?

I am planning on removing the equipment this weekend.

I will store the CTWUG owned kit for a few months and if I don’t hear anything from the @Committee then I’ll donate it to one of the local members.

Hi @King please pm me your mobile number so we can have a chat please

The King is dead.


Is the pmurgs still alive?