Lanlord Mast Down

Apologies for this very late post… much has happened that’s placed this 5th on the list of things to do…

It’s with great sadness that I have to inform all that the @Lanlord mast has had to be dismantled due to corrosion and the strong possibility of the danger it imposed to surrounding properties. We will be looking to re-establish the @Ironman link as well as other outbound (and internal) links in the future. At present the @Ike connection is the only link that attaches us to the wug and much of the links are down because @Lanlord was their only link. We pray they bare with us until we can reconnect them. They can in the interim, and should they wish; do 360 (or 180) scans in an effort to assist our community.

I’ve had a brief chat with @Ironman and he’s agreed to keep the dish in place until we can re-establish the connection.

Thanks to all for the effort and hard work that went into getting this mast up… Its lifespan was brief but its impact was huge… A special thanks to @Lanlord for hosting this beast over the years and the constant nagging from members to “please powercycle the rb and dishes” …


The committe has a 9 or 10m mast laying around that has not been allocated to anyonye yet I’ll ask them mayby CTWUG can donate it to Mplain wug.

History of the mast, Superbin donated(for me to give to someone who I thought needed it) the 6m piece to ctwug. Hunted said he needed a 9 or 10m mast so Mossel quoted him for another 3m piece. Hunted decided a while later that he will disconnect from ctwug so never installed the mast. The committee then bought the mast by him just to cover the cost of building the extra 3m peice.

This is a very sturdy 4 legged mast, the 6m piece is not galvinized but solid, the 3m piece is galvinized though. If the committee says yes you guys must just get a bakkkie with a proper roof rack to collect.


Here are some photos


We looking forward to hearing from the committee.:grinning: