LE (Langeberg Estate) in KFN to be disassembled

Sad news. Langeberg Estate site must come down by month end. The caretaker there cant renew the contract.
Thanks to Dade, Walla / Denis and late NemesisKfn for all their effort and time.

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Hi @Dho7rx how many clients will be disconnected by this node going down?

Do we need to look into getting a different H/S that all of the clients can see?

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According to wind it looks like 7 and 1ptp link

I’m busy with Dade and Stiaanm to sort out the hardware. Once we got that out of the way we will see what happens next. Ill keep you’s updated.
Seems like all LE clients needs to get new AP.

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Well, got some more time for clients to get new AP. 29 September ill remove the hardware from LE.

Can someone send me the coordinates of the current link, my borhter in law stays in langeberg estate and owns the house,2 x storey, he would be willing to host the site for connectivity to the wug, i’ve given him an RB but but rainy weather hasn’t allowed me to go and scan yet

Current location: https://wind.ctwug.za.net/index.php/nodes?node=9592

He’s right across the road in the new estate from link #2910 , should I ask him? will it help you guys?

Doubt whether anything viable will be possible from there, Mother Nature’s Great Wall will make sure of that. What would also come into play would be the shopping centre that was built there :sob:

His house is at the back of the shopping centre, but way higher , will go there 2m and 360 pic plus try and scan


I stand to be corrected on this, but the HS we need to “replace” is on the other side of those trees from your brother, so the clients to be helped will mostly be solid behind the treeline. Also, think the building on which the AP is currently is about 3 storeys up. Will be virtually impossible to sort from there…

Stiaanm thats correct. We cant run any hardware on LE. The sector pans to uitzight, so all clients is on the other side.
29 September will be the last of LE site.

Got Darksaint #7457 to put up omni this weekend then we can see if any of LE client can scan for him and connect.


dis as hy wakker word die ou man gaan slaap mos vroeg of le binne boud :joy:

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