Left overs of node Drakcore (#438)

Hi guys.

Finally took down the site.
There is a first come first serve, just whasapp me on 0720107397, if you can take the pole please do or the horse cart people will take it.
Two of the smaller grids kinda of got crushed when I lowered the tower, though I got a spare in the garage with a tone of spare items from guy wires, brackets, cables, etc which I will give away as well.

There is a 411 RB, I can see the dam capacitors are swollen which explains the slow death it had over time of failing to boot, so just replacing them will most likely do.
The 433 RB has the same capacitors but not as bad as the 411, suspect either the capacitors or the power adapter needs to be replaced.


Eltoro will be taking it.


Items collected thread can be closed. Thank you drakcore