Link issues please help

Good Evening All,

I trust you all are well and safe during this Lockdown Period.

I need some advice please as to what and where is the issue during gametime on my Link?
All info would be appreciated

Thank you in advance

RunX Rsi

I might have an idea why the link to titan has packet loss… titan HS has been down since forever. have a look in the titan highsite thread.

the rest i cannot unfortunately help with, not currently connected (see the aforementioned)

good luck though

Hi @angryplum thanks for responding to my post much appreciated bud. I’ve searched the thread on Titan HS.Recent comments on this topic were between yourself


Guys how can I be of assistance ?

I believe we have diagnosed the problem (and with we I mean kudos in Dia rigting)

@iBeast and myself have already agreed to sort it out. Of course access is always a problem not to mention the constraints of the lockdown…

But thanks for the offer. It is appreciated.

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Thanks for the update @angryplum.

You Welcome:)

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