Looking for a Ctwug link in delft

Good Day

Please advise on a way forward as i am looking for a new CTWUG link, my original link to gijoe has been switched off for the past three months, unfortunately i was told to get another link to assist before i was switched off and could not as i do not have the funds and now seek assistance to be reconnected again.
Equipment that i have:
x2 powerbeams
x1 Ac Omni

Please contact me on 0634499333

Hi Ragnar do a few 360 scans and post the pics here then we can take it from there.


Hi Stalker

I will do that thank you

Good Day

Please see picture below of the scan i did with my omni, struggling to log in to my powerbeam.

I hope this helps.

i see there’s a few backbone links and highsites you picked up in your scan that is very close to you like Hunter/ice/18wheeler/Fusion/Mousten and German what is the chances linking to one of them in your area(Delft).

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Ice-cold HS is down… I am also looking for a link to reconnect to ctwug

where is the admins of Delft then can’t you contact of them to ask them for a link its a simple yes or no @TheNabster_SA and @Ragnar10 ??

I see the post but no one has made contact with me as of yet. @TheNabster_SA you have asked me a time ago but still waiting for your scans 18Wheeler is the closest to both you guys.

Please contact me for further discussion regarding this post.

Warm Regards FusionTRD

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Hi there

Thanks, noted.

@Ragnar10 and @TheNabster_SA don’t worry Fusion will sort use out.

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awe fuzionTRD will link u up lol

Thanks guts @fusionTRD @TheStalker @FrozenShot I will be in touch

The best would be to contact @fusionTRD as he is the area admin there