Looking for something else to put on the roof?

Just read about this:

And the actual website: https://semtive.com/residential/

This is the wind speed/power curve:

Cape Town wind is 5 m/s in slower months on average or something like that. So that would generate 5kw/h on an average day.

That combined with a solar panel or two and a Tesla battery and you should be not hearing from Eskom again.


Looks awesome, but only in pre-orders at the moment. See they will be selling them for $4,695 / R61k, now that’s not much if you can get rid of Eskom!

Store and pre-order: https://store.semtive.com/

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Yeah probably need to add to that for customs etc.

Also need to look at your own power requirements, that is 5 units per 24-hour day, so I would need multiple R61K’s to make it worth it

I think its 5kw per hour, which if correct is awesome. Replace geyser with solar geyser and you can be almost off the grid.

I wish, that will be when they come out with a tax for you getting yourself sorted:

It’ s 5 kw/h in a day. So a full day of 5 m/s gives you 5 kw/h. 5 kw/h is 1 1000w device running for 5 hours or whatever. Most homes would need more than one.

In summer you’ d do better. Wind’s closer to 7 m/s on average giving you 10kw/h per day.