MAB - Site decommission

I have been informed by the owner of the property that he will be busy with construction work at the site and all the equipment will need to be removed by the end of the month.

The following links will be affected:
Rob^2 @Ironman
German @German
MLB @PollyG
Gordon8081 @Gordon808

I am trying to get confirmation if the links will be able to be restored once the work is completed.
I will post updates here as I have further news.


Thanks for letting everyone know. WE ALL hope it gets restored…

Thx for info, this will be a big blow if not restored

@German, @PollyG @Gordon808, these links were not connected, so I removed the equipment yesterday.

We need to make arrangements to get your equipment.

@Ironman, Rob^2 link is still running, so this one will stay until construction begins.


Hi JellyBean, PollyG here, I just want to confirm a date & time when I can collect my equipment from you, I have tried to contact you numerous times but it seems you don’t answer so I don’t if it is the correct number, please reply so we can make arrangements