Maintenance at Skouperd

We Are gonna do some maintenance from 11.30, some services maybe offline.


So we fixed 2 links at skouperd, the new Skouperd.Squash.ironman link is running very nice, and Skouperd.DonnyD.Razor link also allighned and running smooth.
I have disabled the ospf on Skouperd.UTC link, till the bracket is fixed at UTC side(broke out of the wall)


Morning All,

Maintenance scheduled at Skouperd for the 7th of Des from 13H00.

This is to get the Donny link up on the Mimosa hardware.

PS. Couldn’t find the other thread so just used this one.


Kon jul toe die maintenance doen?

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Was rescheduled due to heavy winds and Donny didn’t get anyone to help him after a injury.

Can anyone raise their hands to assist at Donny’s side?

@Donny @Skouperd

well nobody asked for help nor are there any posts on this forum asking for help so how would people know? i was free this weekend and i am sure there is people that would have helped also

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A call to action went out to the Kraaifontein ctwug whatsapp group at 6.40 am saterday morning when I became aware that Donny was unable to secure the support he needed.

@Diabolix do you have a date for the next attempt

Hey Everyone

I might not be home this weekend , not to worry someone will be or i can get someone to open.
I cant climb probably not for a while, stitches might come loose also this weekend i must have them removed , but if we can get someone to climb and align will be great , Sorry that i could not be of any help to do the hardware change :frowning:

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