Mercury Link to Prometheus

It has been more than a couple of weeks that we cant not connect to TT as there is a Link or links down between Mercury and think Prometheus and cant re-call the other link that was mentioned. Anyone of comms that can shed some light on this please???.

I stay in the HS building of Mercury and have no connection outbound.

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@Bouncer hou op kla kyk die goed wat jy gekry het kla :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: grap some net kom slat die wug reg dit lyk of ons meer downgrade as iets anders klomp verskonings en mense wat net niks wil doen nie :see_no_evil:

Serious note ek kan ook niks ping van julle nie en trace loop nie eers nie ek weet dat moonfruit-mercury ook af is dit lyk of sy hele site ook af is en wat ek kan sien was daar nog niks verdere nuus nie


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Thank you to whoever fixed the link from Mercury.

i tried to tracert from me (titan) to mercury, im not too familiar with ospf so could someone smart take a look at the attached image please.

thanks in advance

It’s normal for OSPF to mark a route that way, this is due to the site advertising that range.
However, it appears there is an issue at Mercury.

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concise and informative enough to allow me to discover the hard limit for open browser tabs, watching guys trying to mansplain the logic process of OSPF.

was rather entertaining, so thank you kindly. @dizzle