Monitor loses signal when GPU is under stress [SOLVED]

When playing some games or when running Heaven Benchmark, the monitor loses signal with the sound still playing for a while, then that also dies.
I recently replaced my PSU with a Cooler Master MWE White 750 (there weren’t a lot of options at the time, and there still aren’t).
The other PSU started smoking and oily liquid came out.
From doing Google searches, it seems to be either the PSU or GPU.
I tried using a different monitor and HDMI cable.
Any thoughts?
CPU Ryzen 5

I would guess is the gpu that is the problem. Try 'n different gpu on same monitor and same game.

I have a similar problem that happens usually when watching a video (GPU being used) every second day or so. Only started when I got my new gpu. I hardly game at all atm, so can’t compare there. My screen locks up, sound plays for a while then pc locks. I also have have an AMD gpu (5700XT). I think it’s some kind of driver bug or incompatibility. I have a 850w Corsair psu that has handled 3 gpu’s in my pc at once before so I don’t believe it’s a lack of power.

Good luck figuring it out, I’m still puzzled what to do about my issue. Out of interest, have you tried a full cleanreinstall of windows? I’ve been pondering doing that.

Run AMD Cleanup Utility and completely remove your driver,reboot and install the latest driver.I have a RX 5700XT on a 4K TV running win10-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-edition-20.7.2-july14 with no issues.


It seems to be a temperature issue.
Using AMD Cleanup Utility and then a clean install of Windows made no difference.
After removing both side panels of the PC case, Heaven Benchmark didn’t crash once after running it 5 times in a row.
I noticed that one of the two 120mm case fans in the front had died.
The GPU is as dust-free as I can get it using a brush.

Interesting that you mentioned the case fan. What temps are you getting on the GPU under load? Maybe a fresh layer of thermal paste on the GPU could help out if the temps is higher than usual.

I have a 120mm fan if you need one.

@Sait786 thank you, but I already bought one.
With the side panels of the PC case on, when the GPU is at 100%, the temperature range is 56 - 62ºC.
I must still install the fan.

Installed new fan. Heaven Benchmark crashed on the fourth run, which is an improvement.

I followed Sait786’s instructions, and so far no lockups. Since mine were random, I’m now hopeful but still wondering if the lockups are really gone. I’ll give it more time.

Sorry to hear you are still struggling Giskard.

Is your exhaust fan working ?

It looks like it’s time to try a fresh layer of thermal paste, like parowdude said.

I applied a fresh layer of thermal paste on the GPU chip.
When I took apart the GPU it looked like half the chip didn’t have paste on it.
I noticed a small spot on the chip and heatsink which isopropyl alcohol couldn’t remove.
I ran Heaven Benchmark 5 times with no crashes. Still busy testing.


No more crashes.
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. They helped me find and solve the problem.