Need help to re-connect Bellville South Area back onto CTWUG please

We busy scanning for a link, anyone please assist

please anyone

@redrbk jy sal meer info moet gee oor wat julle wil doen of he

Wat dink jy, want 10 mense is af die kant

From which node? You need to post more information.

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het julle gevra hier op die forum wat aangaan hoekom daai mense af is?

Dit help nie jy post screenshots nie :slight_smile: en se nie wat julle wil doen en wat julle planne is nie. Niemand kan help sonder daai informasie nie

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Ek dink d bigbang link is af

ok nou van wie af (NODE) is daai scans gedoen

Hi @razor1 we did the scans from Node Captain #10669 in Belville South the reason for it they looking for a backup link because there main link if off .

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Do you know WHY you main link is off?
Perhaps ask the network admins to take a look at it also.

I am just trying to learn too, so take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

From what i can see your main link out is theKiller ->BigBang ->IO2 ->others
If I ping/trace from my side I can see up to IO2 and Redeamer, but i cannot ping Big_Bang

So the problem (im guessing) could be the IO2 -> Bigbang link?

What I find weird is the trace to Big_Bang gets all the way to Puck, then backtracks to Fubar and Fuzzy , and dies.

Hopefully someone who knows whats going on can tell me if my methodology is correct so far?

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ah ok cool nou weet almal :slight_smile: julle moet maar die mense tag hier op die forum volgens die screenshots lyk dit of ironman en Rob moontlike opsies is dus as hulle plek het en nog links wil op sit hulle sal ook beter informasie kan gee

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This information should have been in first post.


HI Guys,

It is near to impossible to provide support, please provide information from the wug check file, also source node and IP and destination, with what syptoms you are experiencing.

Ok, so I see that Node Captain, but Wind does not have any links or IP’s listed ??

^^^^ What JellyBean said.

Did some more digging now, Defenitely looks like @Big_Bang is off. Perhaps make contact there as check whats happening.

i also cannot see any link between IO2 and Big_Bang
Perhaps you guys should check if @REDEAMER2210 has anything facing you, and turn your dish at @TheKiller a bit. LOS looks good on Wind.

Hi @JellyBean i know that node is not connected to the wug anymore we just did some scans there because the guys were told by there area admin to look for a backup link solong .Whenever the Big Bang link come’s online again then they have two links if the one link drops then the other one can still give them wug.

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so no one else on the wug knows that bigbang is of to bellville accept
the main admin

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I am in contact with him, making arrangements to resolve. Will post back here with feedback.

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Much appreciated @JellyBean:+1:

Hoping to have this resolved Monday evening.

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Thanx man, much appreciated

Take note, this won’t resolve the link to TheKiller. That is due to a faulty PSU at BigBang for the GSP, a normal strongish POE should be able to replace the PSU for the GSP.

A whatsapp group was created for Bellville South, I am helping them to get a second link out which would also give some relay traffic via Bellville to Kuilsriver.