Nemesiskfn highsite

In the upcoming few weeks we will be visiting Nemesiskfn’s site to re-organse equipment to accommodate new sectors & find our feet as to what devices are pointing where.

What I would like to have:

  • As some devices wil be moved and/or removed, it would be best if I could have logins on the RB’s connected to this site (please create with permissions in the FULL group & PM me detail in this regard). This would allow me to make your transition onto new/other equipment as smooth as possible. If you feel you would rather do this yourself, please feel free to contact me should you experience problems on your connection
  • As many as possible hands to assist. We need to also figure the site from scratch, and it might just be that you could assist as to which equipment points where.

What I don’t have at this point is an exact date. I need to liase with Carol and Sandman, will advise as soon as I can.

What needs to be done:

  • Sort out Rhea link
  • Fit 2 X sectors
  • Possibly remove devices like the Panel

Future planning (and funding):

  • Upgrade Rhea-link to ac. This will help tremendously with the throughput to the site, especially with Rhea having ac links from Europa and Callisto

A last one: I’d like clearance from the users of this site that we can switch the entire site to a minimum of N-mode, as I have noticed that there are still people connecting in A-mode.


Everything has been arranged for a site visit this Saturday (03/12) at 09:30 for the site visit, anybody willing to help is welcome. Where possible, please bring snacks, etc. as I do not think we should expect Carol to carry this for us.

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Just an update on the doings for the day:

  • We have replaced the RB on the Rhea-link as the old one was doing funnies. We also replaced the cable, allowing us to extend the pole by another 30-40cm.
  • The Panel was removed and replaced with a 15dB UBNT sector with the old Rhea-link RB
  • Another sector was added, pointing towards Badboy
  • The Stoffel-Grid was removed, with the above sector taking it’s place

My gratitude towards the following for sacrificing their time to assist:
@DarksaintKM (presume this is the one that moved our way)
@razor1 for the harness

A special thanks goes out to Carol for keeping us hydrated & energised…


  • The Basebox on the UBNT sector seems to be playing up, will be temporarily replaced with the RB711G that was on the Panel tomorrow.
  • The Rhea-link is not running optimal (around -20dB off), has to be re-aligned Rhea-side.

If anybody has any issues with connectivity to the site, please post here or PM me so we can have this sorted

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ai wou nou net vir @Sandman blame :grinning:

Jy het dit verkeerd die nuwe trend is Mos

And yes a big thank you to Carol @nemesiskfn for hosting us today and letting us take over her house. Just one question @Stiaanm Gaan jy daai boor gebruik Sal hom graag wil leen :slight_smile:

Nah, sal hom moet oorsien hierdie keer:

Van Rhea se kant af (ou signal bo by rooi)

Altyd, maar jy kan altyd die proper SDS drill vat waarvoor daai bit bedoel is :blush:

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Dankie almal vir julle harde werk hier in die kraaibak in :slight_smile:

I have temporarily disabled OSPF on Nemesis-side of Nemesiskfn-Rhea link, ccq’s are running sub-10%. Once Rhea is properly aligned, OSPF can be enabled again.