Nemesiskfn HS status

Hi everybody

Please note that Nemesiskfn’s HS will continue running. The message below from his wife:

Could you please let everyone connected to Nemesiskfn that they don't have to worry. Nemesiskfn 
will NOT be taken down, everything will remain up and running. Thanks so much. Carol Best

A special request from my side though: Please do not contact her for support, rather contact myself, one of the area admins (razor, dade, acidice) or even comms with regard to any support requirements. I will arrange with Carol in the near future for fixing the odds that may be wrong on the site, please notify me of any problems that you may be experiencing so we can earmark your problems for that day as well…


Stiaan ek het jou sommer node admin gemaak op wind vir as nuwe mense try om te connect.


removed post sorry error on my part:disappointed: