New Body corp friendly kit

Hi all

For future wuggers living in flats which won’t allow our normal kit to be installed. Here is a satelite dish fitted with a mikrotik routerboard/radio.

Not recommended for backbone links.


Looks like the normal Dstv dish

Exactly what it is, instead of a lnb fitted to it it gets a mikrotik router. To be honest I almost fell on my back when when I saw the price.

Here is the feed only

For a R110exl more you get the dish.

I had a look at this a few months ago only thing is to align this unit must it be on an angle like the DSTV dish is on a 45’ degree angle , will be difficult to align i think but for the price of a 29dbi unit pretty nice

Dish like this will probably work well for a link to paarl we could get bigger dishes like the DSTV dishes and get DBI gain up to 33dbi with a 100cm dish :slight_smile:

I would agree but also disagree. Scoop only has this in 60cm (as far as I could see), so the presumption is made that you buy a bigger dish from Sat TV suppliers. The moment you do this you would most likely have to also look at modifying and positioning the “arm” that would hold the RB.

Using the arm from the Scoop dish would not work, as the radio would be too close and sort of off-center, throwing the focal point off completely (if you don’t bend the arm, the beam direction would also be off). Using the arm from the bigger dish you may have to bend the arm inwards, thus moving the radio closer, then focal point blah,blah. Should you use the Sat TV dish as is, you would still have to play with arm length (to narrow the beam width), and most likely mount it sort of facing downward at an angle to obtain a horizontal signal path. Mounting it as such an angle would then immediately attract “unwanted” attention.

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Hi All. Satelite equipment is my game and the dish comes with and arm. Each is designed for the other. So in other words the signal will improve in size and is much more difficult to aet also. Just my 50c


Thats a nice dish…good price too

Yes it is

Wuggers and potential new client need to understand that this kit won’t work for everyone. Please consult an admin before buying.

Where could this kit work
If the highsite you are connecting to is considerably higher that you site.

would this work for me at the old airwolf site?

Unfortunately not km and airwolf is the same height.

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