New user in Claremont

WiND Node (link or at least name and number): Caelus #18338
List your existing wireless equipment (but don’t buy anything): MikroTik LHG 5 (Test kit I am borrowing from @sharkie)
Confirm with yes or no that you’ve read the getting started guide: yes

I am trying to find potential nodes to connect to. Here are my preliminary scan results:


North East:

North North East:

The red sector in the above image shows the area I tried to scan in, refer to the wind link for context on the map. I can’t scan any further north or south of the red sector as I am blocked by buildings. The blue sector is what I could scan from the back of my building, but I didn’t find any CTWUG SSIDs.

I didn’t try pointing the scanner at any particular node, but rather just the cardinal directions. Was this the right approach? I think I should be able to see any sectors in range like like this?

Once I have found a potential candidate how do I track down their wind id? For example that, I can’t find a “Ryan-Sector” when searching on wind, but there are a lot of “Ryan” nodes. Should I click on each of them to try and find the best candidate for “Ryan-Sector” or is there an easier way?

The scan results don’t look particularly good, but I may be wrong.


You need to get at lease 70 on a scan.

If you get lower then that. It will make your life easier, scan and see if
you manage to achieve it. Otherwise you must look at getting a ptp with
someone that have a good link already. When you done with your final scan
let me know what you get and then ill see how i can help you.


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@sharkie I’ll try, but I am struggling to find the nodes on wind that I have seen while scanning. If I knew where the node is located in physical space and point the grid directly at it, won’t that help me get a better connection?

For example that http://ctwug/Ryan-Sector that I got a -73 on, how do I find it? I have searched on wind for “Ryan” and “TheUnderWorld”. There is no one with the “TheUnderWorld” username on the forum, and many "Ryan"s, how do I know which one it is? I am struggling to find most of the SSIDs on wind that I picked up by scanning.