New User Looking to Connect End Of Month

Hey guys I am helping a friend from Northpine who is looking to have wug at the end of this month.
I plotted his node
I see the closest to him with a great line of sight according to wind is DonnyDK and would like to know if there’s a possibility he could be hooked up there?

Any help and advice would be great :smiley:

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Have you contacted @Donny via Wind yet?


I’ll contact him with the link you shared :smiley:

Hopefully there is a link soon currently northpine is down due to faulty rb they link to me @donny is going to put up dual pol dishes between me and him he has 2 sectors up and will be doing a tower soon since he is the only one doing anything that side and is always busy :slight_smile: end of the month should not be a problem also they will require more links can’t rely on 1 link


Hi Guys … Sorry just been so so crazy with my car that was down and its running better now finally
Yes fossil have sector pointing his way and gladly he can connect he can also scan so long and get connected we doing dual pole for northpine at this moment and then another link waiting for replys from other guys … so we will be connected shortly again


guys just give a good date when you guys are gonna upgrade so maby some kfn guys can come and help


Will do soon as i have a date … i have back orders at work so need to fill the gap quickly :slight_smile: