New User looking to connect

Hi guys. I have a friend in Goedemoed that is looking to connect. I did a scan there but there does not seem to be much going on in that area. If there is anyone that can help him out, could you please contact him on 083 274 1611 (Shane)

Node name or ID for him?

Start Here

did he scan to uitzigh

Hi Guys. I plotted his node for him. Node name: Deathdiamond. Hid details is Phone: 078 366 8658 or Whatsapp on 083 274 1611

Most likely place you could possibly get connected to would be Pandora, sure Jypels will be able to assist you with all the criteria required. Do the necessary scans, etc. & post back?

@Crusader007 he is welcome to connect to Pandora. Do a test scan and see if you can pick up one of the sectors. He will need dual polarity kit to connect and 25dbi or bigger on the distance. Dynadish would be perfect or if he wants to wait he can use the new LHG5 from mikrotik when that launches. But yeah first get a test scan done and post some pictures of his LOS to pandora

Hi it’s DeathDiamond here, I am the guy which Crusader tried to help connect. We did another scan and we picked up Manwad/omni and Pandora2 (sector) if someone could help me connect that would be great. My contact details are : 078 366 8658 (Cellphone) 083 274 1611 (Whatsapp) thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @DeathDiamond will send you a whatsapp now