[NODE] hoektoe is anyone still connected? Would like to remove


Long time wugger, but since I moved away from family house I haven’t checked on the node at all. I would like to remove the node and donate the hardware. I know other wuggers hardware is on my roof and will make contact with them to get it.

Just like to know if I can remove it.

Node: hoektoe


Can someone log into the rb and physically check who’s connecting where? Once we determine that we can also email any people connecting to it and try and sort them out.

@hoektoe what is your time frame for this?

I am in no rush. Im flying down 5th February for weekend and then again in May. Wanted to do over December but then most people are away.

I don’t even know what the login details are for those rbs to be honest, Has been 3+ years since I logged in.

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I’m almost 100 persent sure that this site hasn’t even been connected to @aqaurat in the last 6 months. So there are no active links into hoektoe, maybe you can just ask your parents to switch off the equipment in the meanwhile.


Will do so. I talked to my friend that used to be connected to me. Morne Visage, his node is morne04 .

I will probably give all the equipment to him. He added me on that areas whatsapp group. This way the hardware would hopefully not go to waste.

I don’t know which of this isn’t usable anymore.

433 RB1

  1. 5.8 Ghz 27 dbi Grid na Solara(R52)
  2. 2.4 Ghz 14 dbi Panel na Xevious(R52)
  3. 5.8ghz CPE na Soapie(R52)

433 RB2

  1. 5.8 Ghz 27 dbi Grid na Paddocks(R52)
  2. 5.4 Ghz 24 dbi Panel na TFlux (R52)
  3. Sector 120 degrees -FULL

Thanks for they replies and everything. Like the changes to forum and wind website.


Thanks for your donation :smiley:

Confirmed, node is dead. Most people have migrated to calisto. Any suggestions where that kind of hardware can be used? I can’t think of anything…?

If you are not using in the area we can send to other areas? I think @nemesiskfn and @Stiaanm have some equipment we have been donated that we are sending to places that can use it. You can add it to that perhaps?