{NODE} Jedoga - Location: Koeiklap

Hi Wuggers,

Unfortunately, many wuggers in the Vredekloof and Stellenberg/Eversdal area have decommissioned their respective nodes.
My current link is down and sadly not maintained any more.

Network/node admins: Please assist with connectivity to Callisto (I have line of sight). A possible workable solution is link to backbone infrastructure. This will also be a good opportunity to extend or re-establish connectivity for the area. I have spare Mikrotik and Ubiquiti equipment both in the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz spectrum. Might not be the latest and greatest, but at least it is fully functional.


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@Stiaanm any remedy to this situation…

I am not 100% sure who has (or has not for that matter) been decommissioned. At this point Callisto is isolated, thus not providing any traffic at all (from what I have seen), no idea which links are still active:

From that point of view, unless we can get somebody from the Rhea side (maybe @Shadow) to take over the Rhea link, connecting to Callisto at this point would be of no use…

Coms & Stiaanm,

  1. Callisto-Aquarat is does not exist anymore.
  2. Callisto-sselmraH is did work until December 2020 (Jedoga->Kola->sselmraH->Callisto) Now that link is also dead!
  3. Callisto-Morne04 link is still active, but I do not find “Morne04” on WIND. If I scan toward Eversdal, then I can see the SSID.

A possibility is to link to Shadow. According to WIND, I have line of sight (3.7 km), however a few trees in the path.

Between myself and Callisto no issues - I can see the office block from myside. I was hoping to take over one of those dead links, since the routing and address space should still exist on the Routerboard.


Maybe just clarification: I am in no way trying to imply that you cannot or should not link. Without a link to the rest of the WUG, Callisto seems dead in the water, and this is where a node like Shadow would come in to provide a link to the rest of the WUG.

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Agree, if that is the case!

It seems like not much is going on here anymore

my link (sellmrah-callisto) is up at the moment. it had been dead for so long that i had powered down the dynadish. switched on again today and it is connecting, but traffic does not go any further than callisto.

I just want to thank @Shadow for all his time and effort trying to get the link working between us.
Regrettable all of our efforts did not paid off. The signal was to weak.

Back to square one.

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