[Node] Pandora

Hi Guys,

As everyone may know, Durbanville looks like a desert currently.
I have received permission from the owners of Node: Megalodon http://wind.ctwug.za.net/?page=nodes&node=12311 to put up some WUG kit to whip the area into shape. This will be the perfect high-site in the area as it is right on top of the hill and is a 3 Story house. So most if not everyone in the area will be able to see it.

A Dual POL link to node: Morne04 will be made.

We are planning a Dual pol link to PsyBorg as well, if he would allow it.

Then in order to accommodate all the clients in the area including those who used to connect to Hoektoe, a Dual Pol 120" 19dBi Sector is planned, and as more clients want to connect a second and third sector could be added to cover the entire surroundings

Currently the following nodes will connect to the sector:


The owners of the home is only providing us with location and thus funding for this will have to come from Wuggers. This is an great opportunity for anyone to finally get a stable wug connection in the Durbanville area.

Anyone interested to connect to Node: Megalodon , please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Some of the Clients that should be able to see Megalodon:

Great News

Megalodon will be going live on Sunday.

We will be setting up a 16dBi Dual pol 120 Deg Sector with a RB-Netbox5, As well as a Dual Pol link to Morne04.

Clients wishing to connect are more than welcome to PM me.
I do however ask the following which I think is fair:

I just spent over R2000 out of my own pocket on the new sector and netbox5. This excludes the RB951 that will be used as an Core, and the equipment for the backbone link.

Any client wishing to connect will be asked to make an R300 donation towards the site.

Once the sector is paid off, the remaining balance will be put into a fund to Upgrade Backbone links out of the area, thus improving everyone’s speed and experience on the WUG.

I have no benefit in this highsite nor the owners of the premises besides helping fellow wuggers, I don’t even stay in the area :stuck_out_tongue: , thus I hope you guys understand the reason behind the donations and funding…

Once the sector is paid off, the remaining balance will be put into a fund

What is the amount that needs to be paid off?

Is there any chance of this highsite becoming a CTWUG highsite?

Hi Ogon,

Taking into consideration the donations all ready made. The remaining balance is R1548 on the sector

Hi Gordon,

I would have no problem with this, as long as any kit is installed in a neat manner and that the owners of the premises is taken into consideration.

So we installed the first link and sector at Megalodon today. All sector clients wanting to move over to sector must please contact either Jypels or myself with their information (WLAN MAC, Email, Cellphone and node name).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Site LOS + Install images: http://imgur.com/a/C5v86

Bonus album of install at bobby23: http://imgur.com/a/1rUKf

Thanks to Diabolix and Jypels who helped out with the work today. An additional thanks to the members in the area that have helped contribute towards this highsite

Hi All,

a great massive congratulations to ALL involved in getting Megelodon up and running. it’s now 10:20PM and wacko141 and Jypels are still sorting out routing. I would really like to encourage everyone to donate to this cause, even if you are not connecting to Megalodon but are in the area! This is a MILESTONE for our area!!

sol1, wacko141, diabolix, jypels - YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

PS to EVERYONE: Stay away from the “Quickset” button in winbox :wink:

Let it grow, let it grow, let it GROW!

Well Done guys! Durbanville is always a challange:) If only we could get a HS up in aurora

RE: Hay I see a link has been created between my node and Megalodon2 (#13743)? XD

What was/is the thinking?:slight_smile:

Hi, Megalodon2 is just created for LOS purposes on WiND.

Megalodon is in the process of becoming an official CTWUG highsite.
Once this is done we will have a clearer picture of what will happen.
The Node name will obviously have to change to meet CTWUG naming standards.

The most important upgrade for now will be the link between Megalodon and Morne as the SXT’s can’t give the required throughput on the current distance, and a second Dual Pol sector to give sufficient coverage for all the nodes wanting to connect in the area.

[SIZE=6][/SIZE]Hello everyone

Megalodon is now an official CTwug site

The committee has approach Jypels to find out if the owners of the property would be willing to allow the CTwug to manage there site. Jypels wasted no time in getting the CTwug highsite agreement signed and send back to the committee.

I’m gonna explain why we approach Jypels with this request.

  1. Location wise it is a very good spot with mostly open views of the surroundings, can easily be running 3 sector in the near future and a backbone or two more.

  2. The whole area was fading away until morn04 and sol1 decided to start a highsite at morne04 and combined with megalodon we are confident the two sites will revive the area.

  3. With most CTwug highsite we also should have an admin for that site, Jypels and wacko141 are the admins and they’ll do area assessments and advice the committee as to what would be best for this site. We know they will both be great admins for the site and this made the decision easy to make. They will also have our full support.

Jypels has decided to sponsor the equipment that was already installed at the site and for that we say a very big [SIZE=6]thank you[/SIZE], the site will also undergo a name change.

Lastly I would like to thank Stiaanm for the behind the scenes work.

Thanks to Ogon and the rest of the Comms for the support :slight_smile: . Me and Wacko will be working closely with them and do what is best for the entire area and that will show the best possible growth going forward.

Anyone in the area that wants to join / reconnect to CTWUG must please make contact with us so that we can see if we can help them out.

ek’t lekker skoon LOS na daai site…
kom ons praat

Currently, Megalodon route to you is:

Megalodon -> Morne04 -> Callisto -> Goose -> Giftand -> Jypels -> Moontop -> Ironman

There should be a good improvement in latency and throughput by avoiding that Moontop link. So if good link can be established between you (or someone near you) and Megalodon can be established, that would be great.

Side note: It should also be noted that there is significant packet loss still occurring across the moontop links

How bout two grooves & Grid?

Problem with this is it SISO equipment, as it will become a Backbone for the area, ideally we would want MIMO equipment.

Ekt nou m 31db Ubiq dish met 911Ac wat soontoe wys

How bout two grooves & Grid?

If the link is a new backbone link and both sites have core routers, I’ll always recommend powerbeams. Depending on the distance ubiquity have a few options. They also work out cheaper than there mikrotik “equivalents”.