Node stiaanm planned maintenance

Node stiaanm would go down for maintenance during this week, and may have intermittent disruptions before and after going down for (worst case) up to 1 full day.

Maintenance is related to replacement of the 9U cabinet in my office with a 12U cabinet, with the objective of making space for additional equipment.

To give an idea:

The entire cabinet is to be re-wired due to the cabinet change, with lots of devices not seen from the front. Among these, at the back is a Raspberry Pi (break-out and DNS) and a PoE injector that is used for some WUG devices. Also, power for the entire tower runs from this cabinet.

As you can imagine, loads of work that would take time, please bear with me on this, will have all back up as soon as I can…


Thanks everyone, all should be operational, shout if any issues…