Northpine mast move

Hi Wuggers

Northpine Mast will be moving to new property still in northpine just few roads away , i don’t have a date yet as iam moving it with a crane and awaiting for a date i can get the crane will know by friday , please note that the network will be down for about a day. All clients connecting will have to move there devices towards the new location i have checked most of the links and should not be a problem to reconnect.

  1. Skouperd will it be possible to realign yourside
  2. Razor will it be possible to realign yourside

Will keep everyone up to date on when the move will happen soon as i get a date on the crane

Thanks Everyone

PS* wuggers welcome to pop in , before after mast has been moved probably will check the budget if i can have something on the fire :slight_smile:

New location will be updated soon on winds and for those that connecting to the mast its on the whatsapp group


Hi Everyone

Northpine mast will be moved next Saturday , the crane will be available to use the Saturday morning remove and installed at new location , if anyone wants to help will be much appreciated .

Mast will be offline from Saturday morning till hopefully back online the evening when devices are realigned.

Hi Everyone

Would like to give Big Thanks to
JM and Son
Jermin aka SirWig
Help moving the mast to new location

Devices will go up this evening hoping to get everyone linked and aligned by this evening
We will start climbing around 18:30

Thanks Guys for always putting in the extra effort, will post final pic when done


Devices are up and running just need to replace the razor cable think its faulty
Please let me know when we can align the skouperd dish and then i will get razor link up and we can align that one as well


HI Wuggers

  1. @razor1 please let me know if possible we can align our link let me know when thanks razor
  2. @Skouperd please let me know when we can align thans @Jypels

Links are runing just need alignments

Thanks in advance guys

hey i can’t get to the forums just loads and loads and times out i am
available tonight or sunday i start work again monday then i am not
available till the weekend again let me know :slight_smile: