OSPF enabled routers not following the rules and not even up to OSPF standards

Please explain to me why is there rules set out for OSPF enabled routers but certain sites does not even follow them but ctwug coms/network assistants is very quick to enforce the rules and disable your link if you do not follow it but allow sites like skouperd to continue to operate and host wug services but the links is not even up to the OSPF standards.

I think its time to address the issues and look for other places to host services atm it looks like its a buddy buddy situation when it comes to certain sites and links see pics i know there is more i can go login and post all of them if you want

So why must we follow the rules that is set out?


I’ve enabled queues. If someone removes it I will disable OSPF.

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On the link to skouperd as far as I can tell that’s the only link…

Ons gaan die naweek maintenance doen by skouperd…links allighn en n nuwe link add…skouperd-squash-ironman.


Were there any packet drops over LO’s links? LO doesn’t have anything to do with Skouperd.

Skouperd has been giving issues for very long time not just now and when the guys complained on ts i started to look at the traces and ips that was provided i logged in on certain ips and LO was just 1 off many that i checked this not just about skouperd its about the rules that is not followed and links that is allowed to run when they should be disabled until they are fixed and users just setting their own queue limits like they want to or not even running queues


Can they post the problems on the forum?

sure will speak to them and ask them to post any issue on here

Hi, do you know what time?