Just to let you know we’ve added full PTAWUG (and JAWUG as before) peering now. These are via tunnels @skouperd, @JellyBean, @darkwing and myself. Anyone having a decent (probably fibre) connection let us know as we won’t mind more.

Thanks to PTAWUG/JAWUG for having us and thanks to @RaynoP and @silver for the work in setting this up. Also @shock.


(Their wiki is so up to date and organised compared to ours.)

I’m hoping it’s reasonably stable but let me know how it goes.

I’ve posted some more services in the service section.


PTAWUG uses as their dns. I’ve added that zone to our DNS servers and we should now be able to resolve their DNS.


As guests on the PTAWUG network please follow their rules and guidelines.

From their wiki:

  • Hacking or Hackers of any sort will not be tolerated.
  • Do not use any port scanners.
  • Do not use the application called “The Dude” at any time!
  • Do not scan for any services other than the ones listed (use the provided engines such as ffsearch to find files as users give permission to access their ftp servers by listing it).
  • Do not log in or attempt to log in on any PC or service which is not yours or whereto you do not have permission to log into.
  • Always think of PTAWUG as an entity. Never do anything that may have a negative effect on PTAWUG.
  • Marking of packets in order to obtain better throughput is not allowed. All wuggers should have equal opportunities thus only using traffic markings supplied on the wiki and provided by the highsites. To contravene this in order to derive personal benefit is diametrically opposed to everything PTAWUG stands for.
  • Don’t demand stuff from/be rude/piss off people that organize highsites, do a lot of work on highsites and improve the WUG, you might just cause a lot of kak for everyone. Many wuggers put in a lot of hours organizing highsites, putting up sites and maintaining sites, they do not get PAID for it, they are not employed by PTAWUG, treat them with respect.
  • Providing internet access as a “WUG service” is not allowed as it is against the PTAWUG constitution and also not allowed by ICASA.

Technical details

We are running tinc on VMs at people who have chunky internet connections. 100Mbit+ on our side. The JAWUG and PTAWUG sides are not all as well provisioned. These tinc nodes all connect to each other in a mesh like vpn. To the OS it appears that these nodes are all plugged into the same switch even though they are all over the place.
On these we also run quagga. On CTWUG side the quagga is running OSPF and BGP. The switch is running BGP routing. On the CTWUG interfaces we of course run OSPF.


tinc configs are stored here:

quagga configs here:


Added PTAWUG DNS, and updated links to use their DNS entries.

Seervice should be back up again now.

nothing is working for about 2 days now

That’s wrong.

It was working last night when I went to bed. I’m hunting down an issue where it stops working for some reason.

It’s back up now. We might have fixed the issue. I hope.

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And the latency is great as well.


PTAWUG peering was down for a couple of weeks but is back up now. Speed should be better though my ISP is having issues the last couple of days. Anyone else want to run a tunnel also?


@spin I am getting my fiber installed tomorrow, what are the requirements? Would like to help out if need be.

My node is in Kuilsriver, not the one in Bellville.


If you can get me a debian / ubuntu vm there or similar I can set it up. Or raspberry with raspbian.

Needs to have Internet and the vm should be on the same net as an ospf router.

I would do dns and tunnel to our services at same time,


@JellyBean thanks for volunteering. I’ve added your dns.puck to the tunnels and bgp peering.
Tinc config:

And quagga:

Traffic is now flowing via both our nodes to ptawug and jawug.

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@Diabolix how far are you from @Skouperd. When we set up a tunnel by you I want to include DNS becasue it may resolve some of the dns issues we’ve been seeing.

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Added a skouperd tunnel as well. Tx @Skouperd
Tunnel config:

PTAWUG peering down at the moment. They are moving ISP on that side.

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PTAWUG peering back up


Updated the first post with a bit more technical details.

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Additional node to CTWUG/JAWUG/PTAWUG located at PTAWUG’s GH highsite (see image attached) for some info about the “distance” between our highsites to see where essential places are.


hi der;this tunnel cancelled? been down for days now

What tunnels are you referring to?