Razor Node Disconnecting

Hi everyone

After long consideration i would like to inform everyone that i will be taking down my site next year around end of January. If anyone has equipment on the mast you will need to come and take it off please. I will also be selling my equipment and the mast.

Sorry for the inconvenience but time has come to let ctwug go.

Thanks all


This is so sad can we play Despacito

Thank you for everything you did to help your fellow wuggers, you were truly an ambassador for ctwug when new people joined.

You’re awesome combined admin skills in your field of expertise will be missed and irreplaceable. All the best for the future.


It’s a great loss for Ctwug to lose you Razor. Gaming will surely miss your contribution, much appreciated!!!


This is a sad day for CTWUG - Razor you will be missed. Your willingness to assist on a moments notice was much appreciated. The services you ran was top notch and always available.


Never thought this day would come but regardless you are one of the best Wuggers @razor1 of all time and so a really big thanks for everything, thanks for the Linux distro’s as well. All the best to you for the future.


There was a Linux distro?

yes that is why most joined the wug to get some distro goodness (can’t say the real name here) :smile:

Like they joined to get ISO images? Or is this some euphemism?

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Thanks all was a pleasure to be part of CTWUG and learn some great stuff i never even knew about and meet some great people and of course don’t forget the enemies :rofl:

Was fun while it lasted just a pity it went sideways but like @Ogon said fibre most likely killed it and peoples work and family are more important.


:slight_smile: and some media

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Hi @razor1 wire gaan admin wees
Mars 1 in parow se TT is offline vir wie kan ons vra om te help .

Hi wind is updated just need to remove the last bit of equipment then the mast a bit sooner but node is officially disconnected. Thanks all


Ja baie dankie Razor wat jy vir ons so ver gedoen het. Ons het dit regtag waardeur. Sterke in die toekoms voorentoe…