Regarding node stiaanm

In light of what is currently going on, I no longer see my way clear to provide any services (for which I have paid in cold hard cash, and still do), and it is still expected that all kinds of run-arounds be done to keep everyone (including those that never assist anywhere) happy at a cost to both my personal as well as my business life.

With this in my mind, I am unfortunately going to have to draw a line somewhere. As of 01 January 2020, I will no longer host any transit traffic, but rather be a normal client like everybody else.

@Committee, could you please find an alternative link feeding into the area from Callisto, preferably something that would keep @anglosaxon, @Wolffie, @Nightsight and @psyBorg conected (all of these have either other clients, or carry transit traffic)

To those connected via me, my sincere apologies, but enough is now enough…


Ek voel baie dae nes jy Stiaan, jy gee ten minste notice.


Wonder what happened now again. Havent been on the WUG for years but still very active on this forum

Nothing new…

Moral of the story is that stones are being thrown in all kinds of directions, mostly from those in glass houses. All comments everywhere is just about factional (the old gamers vs. the rest argument) and criticism is always JUST negative without any willingness to help sort out the issue at hand. In all honesty, when’s the last time anybody here heard anything positive (even just positive criticism)?

Suppose the same as it’s always been? :slight_smile: