Resignation Diabolix

Good Morning Everyone,

I have officially submitted my resignation to the CTWUG committee for my post as network administrator.

The time has come for me to part ways on a official basis, as I have just become too busy with my career and also welcoming little Diabolix into the world earlier this year.

I will still be around as always and would love to have some beers with the usuals once COVID clears way.

Currently trying to assist @Ironman to restore Europa, so those will be one of my last ‘official’ tasks.

It’s really been a joy ride! :smiley:

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Geluk ou maat…

Dink dis LO se kant wat dood is na EU

many thanks @Diabolix and congratz on the bundle of joy

cheers to a legend! i’m sure i speak for many that you will be missed. congrats on your new addition and good luck with your future ventures!

Thanks for all your hard work!
I’m looking for any old wireless, wi-fi, and network equipment if you or anyone else has they’re not using anymore.

I’m busy building wi-fi networks in townships, and many just can’t afford what they need to get online.

Any bits and pieces appreciated.
Happy to collect.

Hi Ziggy,

@Baksteun did you find a home for the kit you took down as yet? The above seems like a great cause.

As long as it’s not for profit of course.