Rhea seems to be offline 14 June 2018

Hi there Rhea seems to be offline I am not connected at this time, cant see any links either, I connect the the 5ghz sector.

The sector detected radar and switch the radio off. All clients seems to be back, @NetworkAdmins should look for a new frequency.

Think I found the issue, the router was upgraded and if I read and understood the changelog correctly, it seems that after ros 6.37 you can’t turn off DFS any more.


DFS configuration in RouterOS has been redesigned, now device looks at specified country settings (/interface wireless info country-info), and applies corresponding DFS mode for each frequency range automatically, making dfs-mode setting unnecessary.

Please, check that your frequencies work with corresponding DFS settings before upgrade.

!) console - dfs-mode setting does not exist any more and all scripts with such setting will not be executed;

!) wireless - DFS option is removed, corresponding DFS mode for each frequency range applies automatically;


I have been monitoring the Kingpin8 sector and have found that the clients do not actually stay connected.
The sector keeps detecting the radar signal and then promptly drops all clients.
@NetworkAdmins It would be awesome if you guys could help the clients by changing the current frequency.


I have not seen this before on rhea,( i have been on it for 10 years now ) is someone possibly being an ass and aiming a radar gun at Rhea ? I will let u guys know if i see the sig drop and when, here is a frequency usage i just collected.

I hope it helps
and PS thanx for all the help, it is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
Mark 1295/praxus on WIND

Manufacturers of wireless devices are being forced to make DFS mandatory on their equipment. I know ubiquity has been doing this for more that n year on their equipment, you can’t turn DFS off in the standard config. Was only a matter of time for mikrotik to follow.

I was looking on the internet for a video I saw last year explaining the effect that 5GHz has on weather radar but couldn’t find it. Here is a link for you to read through.



Does anyone know if there is a problem with Rhea, the signal is missing