Rhea seems to be offline :(

Hi there,This is Praxus (node 1295) connected to Rhea on the 5ghz sector, Rhea seems to have dropped off the network My RB is just scanning since 15:08 8th Dec I can still see shadow at the same db as normal so i know the rb has not moved ( LHG ), does anyone know whats going on ?

Hi i have noticed the issues started about 2 days ago already since this is our only link into kfn

Hi Razor, thanx and oops, I assume you don’t know what is wrong yet and i can also infer that it is not only the sector.

Kind Regards

I remember Hunted contacted me regarding Rhea I think they wanted to discontinue the site.I gave him @coms number.

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oh dear some more bad news for the wug

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:frowning: very sad indeed, like damn more people need to get involved else this forum might no longer exist in the near future :frowning_face:

If Rhea is going down permanently I may be able to help out if you have LOS to my tower and if your signal is good.


Hi there Shadow, I can see shadow 8 @ -78 noise -111 but I am still aimed at Rhea, pls let me know if i can join and what I would need to do.

Kind Regards Mark

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No problem Mark. I’ll send you a PM. We can take it from there.


Hi Shadow. This is my first post. I lost connection a while ago. Please will you be able to assist me getting connected. Manne #11779

Hi @manne you are even closer to me than you were to Rhea. I am sure we can make a plan. I will send you a PM.