Hi guys,

Saturn has been down since yesterday. It seems like the 8 Port Toughswitch is dead. My vote is to get a toughswitch to power cycle the toughswitch.

ThePrestige will be popping around tomorrow to see what is up.

Will keep you all in the loop.


i see its back up and running!

thanks guys for all the hard work!

Remember to get a toughswitch so that you can power cycle the toughswich that power cycles the toughswitch.

Maybe throw a Mikrotik 750UAP in there? Just to be safe…

i must agree with pilgrim…why get a toughswitch to power cycle toughswitch. It doesn’t make sense. next time we need another toughswitch to power cycle that toughswitch. Rather het a GSM commander that you can sent an SMS to that can reset ALL power applications.

Hi Guys,

ThePristege mentioned it might be the tempreature protection on the 8 port switch that kicked in?
Surely once the temp goes down, the device should restart?

I like the idea of a GSM commander, seeing that access is so difficult to the site, even if an aussie suggested the idea.

I also like the GSM commander idea.

Is there any type of fan in the box that house all the equipment?

Small PC fan to do some air movement would help a lot with high - temps - but seeing as we are moving into winter it would probably not be urgent - more long term thinking.

I was being sarcastic :slight_smile:

Wetkit, I informed Prestige that is was most likely the temperature that caused the device to either cut out or crash. It’s built with a maximum of 55 degrees and it got quite hot last week Saturday.

Maybe a fan will do the trick?

Hi all,

As Jupiter got decommissioned, the link to Saturn got dropped.

So now saturn has one spare 30dBi dish link ready and waiting.

Please let me know if you would like a link, you would obviously need to have other backbones out as well to be considered.

mmm…as M3ph nie reeds 'n link na Saturn toe gehad het nie sou ek dit bitter graag wou hê…ek is 2 hops weg van M3ph af so dit maak seker nie sin om vir my daai ekstra link te gee nie?

Hi Dia

Dit sal super cool wees as ons n proper link(Jy se wat ons moet kry) kan op sit tot by my broer (Bosluis (#7184)).
Hy sukkel om weer te connect na sy link getrek het.

Nico(noonex) het n huis gekoop in De La Haye en ek trek ook volgende maand na die area. Ek sien daar is 3 ander not connected mense in die straat af van my broer.
So as n link moontlik is kan ons almal connected raak.

Net n gedagte. Ek weet nie hoe die groot prentjie lyk.

Hi Slowhands,

Yes, that link would be a bit unnecessary unfortunately.

Leeu, I am looking for a site that already has a minimum of three backbone links out.

Now with Kingpin upgrade done, what is the possability of linking Saturn with Kingpin?

Yes please

There is already a link from Saturn to Kingpin.


As long as these users maintain their links, then it would be more than enough. When I established the links back in the day it was syncing 180Mbps from one side to the other.

I agree with Diabolix.

There is no need for a direct link.

There will also be two additional paths going from Saturn to Kingpin once they sorted out.

Saturn - M3ph - Hilux - Tipside - Oom_Norman - Kingpin (Needs realignment and finished config)
Saturn - M3ph - Neocities - Slowhands - Kingpin (Being installed at the end of September)

Hi Diabolix

Do i qualify for a position to get a link to saturn.
I have one bb link to thestalker
One back bone link to a client RMX

Another two clients links will be going active tommorow.


Beacuse there was some interferance to the link from Chrisdonal to the thestalker so both that links will be moved to me

i will put up sxt sector on my mast and both of them will be runing from that sector both on dual pole.

Think i could do with that link and i do have LOS to Saturn.

Please advise.


I have checked wind and it seem you have LOS however I think there will be some buildings in the way so it is unlikely that you will be able to connect. I think it would also be bet to have a link going roughly in the same direction as what Jupiter used to be as Saturn already has links going out your way.

Hi Diabolix. Do you know whats the state on the Vredekloof sector at Saturn. I know we had issues with it.

Wind is showing that it is still inactive.

There is a serious problem with Saturn. Graphire has tried to look into it however there seems to be no Radius Login. Some of the Rb’s don’t even respond. Sector speed have dropped to below 150 kbit/s.

Diabolix, if you no longer wish to admin the site, could we please find someone else to do it.