Scripts vs Rules vs No Rules time to decide

Ok so the users playing games still complains about lagg and high ping in game time.It looks like no one wants to enforce the rules on the users not running scripts and running different queues. It seems these users have the wms scripts just to keep housekeeping script happy here on the forum

So if they do not follow the rules then why must we follow it? By the looks of it the @Committee blatantly ignores this and the @NetworkAdmins also

Another user mentioned other stuff in this thread and there is screenshots provided no reply from any network admins or the committee


That is exactly what its for but it seems some people could not be bothered to set it ,


Is my logic or my eyesight going bad? please comment

Please see my response.

ok so it seems we do not need to follow any rules so i will also be removing any gaming queues from my rbs tonight since the rest is allowed to run without it. Till today since the post’s was created nothing has happened well done to enforcing the rules

They just add wms to fool the wms script/bot what they do is add wms but don’t add any comments to the interfaces so that the queues can be created when the scripts run and this is done regularly by members that is/was on the committee and constantly adds links and works on the network


List the rbs without queues and I will disable OSPF on them.


@razor1 Agreed. i think lets just get rid of all the rules ect…