Sniper from m/plain

hi wuggers hope all is well i have not been active
but would like to notify everyone that knew and met sniper from mitchells plain
has recently passed away he and his wife due to corona

and asking comms if there can be any donations towards the kids which have been left behind and its very sad case even if just to send flowers or food or anything you capable of giving and to wuggers who can give some kind of surport cause its not just him and my friend thurston not sure what is node name was but he was connected to lance in strandfontein and he was buried Saturday that was now pass

people i ask please be careful stay safe and look after your loved ones cause into day day and age we do not know what to expect

for the love of wugging mwah


Thank you for making this Post. I was unable to.

His wife was buried Saturday. He then passed away the Sunday. I received this info from guys in his Unit and some other mutual friends.

Truly Sad. He will not be forgotten.


I’ve been struggling to get better since July first already. Was on the brink in hospital, so I sympathize. It will be many more months before my lungs are anywhere near back to normal.

Anyway, life goes on…

I’m desperately looking for old wireless equipment for township communities if any old kit becomes available.

Take care guys, this virus is no joke.

Seems a little insensitive… “Anyway life goes on” give me free shit. WTF.

Condolences to Snipers fam. I remember him from many Years Back RIP Brother and deepest condolences to his family.

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Are your serious, you will get nothing from me and I hope no true wugger gives you anything.