Some Assistance Please Anyone

Does it mean there is a problem with everyones link up untill one gets to
or can it be one link that is causing the problem?

First hop seems to be the problem. How is your signal to the high site?

oh well if logins get removed then there is no point in asking for help i tried to access the rbs but both my login and kfn users is gone

Who are you referring to?

Which RB is that last one? IP?

fusion’s battlefield server

:slight_smile: I meant the link you posted with low CCQ. Which RB was that from?

My link to highsite :confused:

That CCQ of 66% is going to kill you in gaming I believe if that’s an accurate reading.

Im gonna fix it hopefully tomorrow, thanks.

Unless you hacked it or something your user is back …

@RomaanM i have sorted your link tomorrow will do some more work on it for you , you welcome to join Let me know the time you want to pop in

Hi, Please assist, I also see hops to has increased. Not sure what happened.

Maybe @dizzle can assist you beter

@dizzle could please advise

That kind of traceroute meant the routing changed while you were running it. Bit difficult to figure out what’s going on then.

here is an updated one

Hi @RomaanM
Could you please tick the useDNS box when doing the traceroute. It’s difficult to figure out what path is being taken just with IPs


Hi @dizzle