This is a forum thread

… just to waste your time, so thank you for clicking here.

Brilliant idea!

Damnit, nou het ek al 2 keer die thread oopgemaak en my tyd gemors

Shall we start a quote stack pyramid?

I think that I wil not get these 30 wasted seconds of life back.

Mango’s taste nice?

71 people(soz 70 seeing Rellik opened this twice lol:)) wasted 30 seconds of there life. Some wasted more by thinking if they should reply or not!

. .

You missed a .

lol 30 seconds gone poof :frowning:
oh well i’ll be able to deal with it

ai ai wat mense alles doen om tyd te maak draai… ek gaan chilly poppers maak nou cheers laaste bietjie vd 3kg blik T_T

Wonder how many “30 seconds” we can waste this time round…


Well, at least one :grin:

Rick rolled! Dammit!

yep and the link claimed another victim
let me add another 10 seconds

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Such a long Train we need these in Cape Town


It can just park across all the stations and you can walk to your destination from inside the train :smiley:

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Little bit late, but I clicked