Traceroute via Venus

#Problem Description:
I cannot resolve DNS. Traceroute drops at Venus 2

traceroute to (, 64 hops max
1 0.279ms 0.203ms 0.175ms
2 3.511ms 3.149ms 3.237ms
3 * 2.439ms !N 5.449ms !N

#Your details:

RB has ctwug/ctwug login?: yes

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Download and run wug-check.bat and post the output below between the backticks below:

@bigdog we also seem to be having problems at Venus. Currently our only link into Richwood but not getting any traffic the moment. Ogon was in contact with David this morning but do sill not know the severity of the issues.

thank you. the traceroute is working now. I will see how it goes

Richwood has 2 links out and both are not running as per OSPF standards. Signals are way below what it should be. Someone needs to do a bit of homework by doing a “clean-up” on alignment and freq usage.

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Hi @wolf yes the wildcat - Neptune link is just about running we suspect that the LOS has become obstructed with all the building work going on in and around Richwood we will probably need to disable OSPF on that link And as for the Grizzly - Venus link we have not been able to get access to Venus for quite some time to do some general maintenance and upgrades. Ogon has been in contact with David at venus we just need to see what our best options are to go forward.

@bigdog, thank you for letting us know. We are aware that there are some issues we are attending to them.

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@bigdog please confirm it’s working now.


Traceroute is working, but downloads not working


@Dizzle. are there still a problem on Venus or must I look at my settings /equipment?

The link between Venus and @grizzly1 a bit bad, and the tunnel between bath and venus is currently down due to another issue. I am trying to get it sorted, I will get back to you as soon as its fixed.

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Venus is up and running again via a tunnel. A big thanks to @JellyBean for helping. @grizzly1 I will be in contact to see what we can do regarding your link. I will also try to get the Lapetus link up again.


Hi there. is the connection from Venus down?

traceroute to (, 64 hops max
1 0.299ms 0.250ms 0.202ms
2 7.726ms 2.555ms 2.446ms
3 3.385ms !N 3.133ms !N 3.491ms !N

Hi @bigdog

I fixed the issue, could you kindly re-test.

Kind regards


Thank you…